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All About Icons

Every plant, company, and geographic region in CARMA is represented by an icon. You will find an icon in the upper left corner of each plant, company, or region page. The shape, size, and color of the icon provide a quick way to assess the most important information on the page. Icons for companies, geographic regions, and plants that are currently in operation always reflect present-day power and emissions data. For “planned” plants, icons reflect future power and emissions.

Icon Shape: Power plants are represented by circles. Companies are diamonds. And geographic regions are pentagons.

Icon shapes

Icon Size: The total power production (MWh Energy) of a plant, company, or region is represented by the icon’s size. The size classes for plants and companies are: Huge = Greater than 20 million MWh; Large = 10 to 20 million MWh; Medium = 5 to 10 million MWh; Small = 1 to 5 million MWh; and Tiny = Less than 1 million MWh. For geographic regions, we multiply the cutoff points for each class by 2.5.

Icon sizes

Icon Color: The Intensity (kilograms of CO2 emitted per MWh) of a plant, company, or region is represented by the icon’s color. There are five color classes: Red = Greater than 900 kilograms per MWh; Orange = 650 to 900 kilograms per MWh; Yellow = 400 to 650 kilograms per MWh; Blue = 150 to 400 kilograms per MWh; And Green = Less than 150 kilograms per MWh.

Icon colors

In tandem, an icon’s size and color reflect total CO2 emissions. For example, a big red icon means the plant, company, or region in question emits a lot of CO2. A big green circle means a lot of electricity is produced with very little CO2 released in the process. And remember: A simple explanation of the icons can be found at the bottom of every page.

It is also possible to use the color of an icon to approximate the fuel type of a given plant. For more information, see our page on Plant-Specific Information.