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CARMA v3.0 beta database now available

An offline, beta version of the upcoming CARMA v3.0 database is now available to selected users. There is also a draft technical paper detailing the new methodology and data sources. If you would like to have access ahead of the public release on the CARMA website, please contact CARMA with a description of your intended [...]

CARMA Update Underway

After a three year hiatus, the CARMA global power plant emissions database is now undergoing a major upgrade. We are presently compiling a range of new datasets and revamping techniques for estimating the emissions and electricity production of the world’s power plants. For the time being, there will be no change to the data on [...]

Where do the CARMA plant numbers come from?

CARMA’s operating philosophy is to maximize possible transparency, so it’s only fair to shed some light onto how we calculated plant data. For the full CGD working paper, please read Calculating CARMA, Global Estimation of CO2 Emissions from the Power Sector by David Wheeler and Kevin Ummel. CGD decided to focus on the power sector [...]

Widget exploration

As you may know, we just released a series of Widgets to help you explore CARMA. We’ve been looking at some of the plants tagged using the Improve Your CARMA widget, and there’s a lot of really interesting results to share. The following are just a few plants that you helped find…

DNA for More API Mashups

I started writing this post thinking I’d find some other Environmental/Green-related API’s to mash up with CARMA’s data. At the moment, though, I couldn’t find many data sources that make available a comparable data set as openly as the CARMA API does. It’s disappointing, as this represents a barrier to creating really interesting applications. The bar [...]

How to Use the PHP CARMA Client to Seamlessly Retrieve Data

At some point, working with any API involves making HTTP requests to retrieve data, followed by decoding that into a useful data structure for your own application. In the case of the CARMA API, there are five methods that can be called (getPlant, getCompany, searchPlants, searchCompanies,and searchLocations), and data can be returned as either JSON [...]