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Why Marc Jacobson’s Research Matters for the Clean Technology Fund

The airwaves have recently been filled with advertisements heralding a plethora of clean energy technologies. GE promoted its smart grid technologies in a Wizard of Oz-themed Super Bowl ad. Vestas, the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world, has branded itself No. 1 in Modern Energy. Various groups have designed commercials touting the potential of [...]

View CARMA in Google Earth!

Browsing power plant emissions just got easier, thanks to a new version of CARMA that you can explore using Google Earth. According to Google’s site, “Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings and even explore galaxies in the Sky.” This bird’s-eye view is great for comparing [...]

Carbon Capture “Vaporware” No Alternative to Real Clean Energy Technology

In the software industry, vaporware is a great new product announced by a developer, but is never released or is seriously delayed. Besides getting users’ hopes up, it can make potential customers hold off purchases of alternative solutions as they wait for the latest and greatest, which the developer swears is just around the corner. [...]

Tata Ultra Mega Mistake: The IFC Should Not Get Burned by Coal

[This post originally appeared on the Center for Global Development’s "Views from the Center" blog.] During the last week of March, the Board of the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) will consider the proposed Tata Ultra Mega project, which will construct a huge (4,000 MW) coal-fired power plant at Mundra in India’s Gujarat [...]

Zero-Emissions Power Production is Cheaper Than You Think

My CARMA colleague David Wheeler has posted a fascinating note on the Center for Global Development’s “Views from the Center” blog. In response to the World Bank Group’s continuing support of coal power plants in the developing world, David crunched the latest numbers on the cost differences between dirty coal power and some carbon-free alternatives. [...]

Bali: Disaster Loomed and Everyone Blinked. Now Let’s Get Serious, Fast

[This post originally appeared on the Center for Global Development's "Views from the Center" blog.] The White House finally blinked in the final hours of the UN’s Bali Conference on Climate Change. The catalyst may have been the unprecedented boos and hisses directed at the US delegation from the floor, or the peremptory challenge from [...]

Welcome to CARMA!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Carbon Monitoring for Action database at CARMA provides the world’s most detailed and comprehensive information on carbon emissions resulting from the production of electricity. Power sector emissions make up 25% of the global total, 40% of carbon emissions in the United States, and are a [...]