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CARMA in Action: Interfaith Forum on Wise Country Power Plant

One role of CARMA is to provide information on plant and firm-level CO2 emissions to local activists trying to block new coal fired powerplants. I am involved in one such effort in Northern Virginia, where a group with the wonderful name Interfaith Power and Light (GWIPLE) is working to organize religious organizations to combat climate [...]

CARMA and CGD research in the wild

The Confronting Climate Change team at CGD is always interested to see what happens to our work once it leaves our desktops and joins the “marketplace of ideas,” fighting to make it to the top of a mountain of information on environmental issues. So we thought we’d quickly share two recent sightings from two very [...]

CARMA Needs Your Help

As reported in an earlier post, we are releasing a widget entitled “Improve Your CARMA” that allows users to submit information back to the CARMA site. We are all very proud of the data CARMA provides to users, but we believe that through a collective effort, our power plant data could become much richer. This [...]

Improving CARMA Data

We’d like to think that CARMA has a pretty comprehensive database of plant emissions data. There were a lot of numbers to crunch, and we tried our best to present this data in the clearest possible way. What you see on this site is pretty much all the data we’ve been able to collect. With [...]

DNA for More API Mashups

I started writing this post thinking I’d find some other Environmental/Green-related API’s to mash up with CARMA’s data. At the moment, though, I couldn’t find many data sources that make available a comparable data set as openly as the CARMA API does. It’s disappointing, as this represents a barrier to creating really interesting applications. The bar [...]

Tata Ultra Mega Mistake: The IFC Should Not Get Burned by Coal

[This post originally appeared on the Center for Global Development’s "Views from the Center" blog.] During the last week of March, the Board of the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) will consider the proposed Tata Ultra Mega project, which will construct a huge (4,000 MW) coal-fired power plant at Mundra in India’s Gujarat [...]

Mapping plants using the CARMA API

The API provides users with a way to download raw data from the CARMA database. This might sound interesting to a developer, but the casual surfer might not see why we’re so excited about this. Well, all this API data can be placed into other tools, and mixed with other (non-CARMA) data. It can be [...]

Confronting Coal: How to Use CARMA to Discover Proposed “Red Alerts”

In the race against rising greenhouse gas emissions, coal – the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive of fossil fuels – is being taken to task. Scores of environmental organizations have launched campaigns to shut existing coal plants and stop construction of new ones.


In the next several months, we’ll be rolling out several widgets that take full advantage of CARMA’s Application Programming Interface. A widget is a little chunk of code that people can place on their own blog or website. For example, this widget can grab RSS feeds. Some other widgets are more interactive, such as this [...]

CARMA Watch: Red Light for The World Bank Group on Coal-Fired Power

CGD’s CARMA website (Carbon Monitoring for Action) uses information on planned construction of power plants to project increases in carbon emissions during the coming decade. In India, for example, CARMA projects that new facilities will increase CO2 emissions by about 150%, and much of the increase will come from enormous coal-fired plants. CARMA’s ranking of [...]