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CARMA and CGD research in the wild

The Confronting Climate Change team at CGD is always interested to see what happens to our work once it leaves our desktops and joins the “marketplace of ideas,” fighting to make it to the top of a mountain of information on environmental issues. So we thought we’d quickly share two recent sightings from two very different corners of the internet.

First up is Asthma Mom. Inspired by her daughter’s respiratory disorder, Asthma Mom comments on information and tools she encounters online in the hopes of helping other parents with children with asthma. She has used CARMA (look towards the end) to help choose where to relocate, ruling out cities surrounded by dirty coal plants that could aggravate her daughter’s condition. Interestingly, using CO2 emissions as a proxy for air quality is the inverse of the Vulcan Project’s methodology, which maps CO2 emissions using air quality data.


Second is Al Gore’s March Ted Talk, “New thinking on the climate crisis.” Presenting evidence on the pace of climate change, he uses a graph that is strikingly similar to one published last year by CGD fellow David Wheeler and research assistant Kevin Ummel in Another Inconvenient Truth: A Carbon-Intensive South Faces Environmental Disaster, No Matter What the North Does. Both graphs separate emissions paths for developed and developing countries, showing that business-as-usual economic growth in the developing world would cause climate change by itself within a few decades, even without developed-country emissions. Below are the original graph, the Gore slide, and the video of his talk.


Tell us how you use CARMA in cool ways we never thought of, and we’ll feature you here.



From Another Inconvenient Truth (Wheeler and Ummel, 2007)

A slide from the video of Al Gore’s Ted Talk.

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