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Where do the CARMA plant numbers come from?

CARMA’s operating philosophy is to maximize possible transparency, so it’s only fair to shed some light onto how we calculated plant data. For the full CGD working paper, please read Calculating CARMA, Global Estimation of CO2 Emissions from the Power Sector by David Wheeler and Kevin Ummel. CGD decided to focus on the power sector [...]

Widget exploration

As you may know, we just released a series of Widgets to help you explore CARMA. We’ve been looking at some of the plants tagged using the Improve Your CARMA widget, and there’s a lot of really interesting results to share. The following are just a few plants that you helped find…

CARMA Needs Your Help

As reported in an earlier post, we are releasing a widget entitled “Improve Your CARMA” that allows users to submit information back to the CARMA site. We are all very proud of the data CARMA provides to users, but we believe that through a collective effort, our power plant data could become much richer. This [...]

Improving CARMA Data

We’d like to think that CARMA has a pretty comprehensive database of plant emissions data. There were a lot of numbers to crunch, and we tried our best to present this data in the clearest possible way. What you see on this site is pretty much all the data we’ve been able to collect. With [...]

Mapping plants using the CARMA API

The API provides users with a way to download raw data from the CARMA database. This might sound interesting to a developer, but the casual surfer might not see why we’re so excited about this. Well, all this API data can be placed into other tools, and mixed with other (non-CARMA) data. It can be [...]


In the next several months, we’ll be rolling out several widgets that take full advantage of CARMA’s Application Programming Interface. A widget is a little chunk of code that people can place on their own blog or website. For example, this widget can grab RSS feeds. Some other widgets are more interactive, such as this [...]