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CARMA Notes: Future Data

One of CARMA’s rather unique features is the inclusion of data about the future. The v3.0 data contains entries for year 2004, year 2009, and the “Future”. All three points in time are displayed on any of the detail pages at (for example: Many CARMA users are interested in information about future developments [...]

CARMA Notes: Corporate Data

As in previous releases, CARMA v3.0 includes information about the electricity production and emissions of corporate entities involved in power generation. Every plant in the CARMA database is assigned to a company. The vast majority of that information comes from a proprietary, commercial database underpinning CARMA. In some cases, corporate ownership of U.S. plants is [...]

CARMA Notes: Geographic Data

CARMA v3.0 greatly improves both and scope and quality of geographic information provided for individual power plants. Basic information like country, state/province, and city comes from a proprietary, commercial database of global power plants. Similar data is provided for U.S. facilities by the Department of Energy (DoE). This raw data is processed with an algorithm [...]

CARMA Notes: Data Accuracy

Although CARMA incorporates all known major public disclosure databases, the majority of the site’s data is necessarily estimated using statistical models. This will hopefully change in the future as governments and companies become more open about the source of global warming pollution, but for now estimates are unavoidable. So, how accurate are CARMA’s model estimates? [...]

CARMA Notes: Methodology

Perhaps the most common question from CARMA users is: “Where do the figures on the site come from?” There is a brief answer to this question in the site’s FAQ section. A detailed CARMA v3.0 technical paper provides a complete answer to that question. This blog post aims to provide something in-between: sufficient detail for [...]

CARMA v3.0: Known issues (ongoing updates…)

With the CARMA v3.0 database now out in the wild, it’s time to begin documenting known issues, problems, errors, omissions, loopholes, mistakes, gaffs, laughers, and anything else generally erroneous. If you find anything you think should be added – or, even better, a may to correct one of this issues (with new data, for example), [...]

CARMA v3.0 now available!

A new and improved version of the Carbon Monitoring for Action (CARMA) database is now available to the public at It includes power generation and emissions data – both reported figures and model estimates – for more the 60,000 power plants worldwide. CARMA v3.0 reports figures for 2004, 2009, and the future. Over the next week, a [...]

CARMA v3.0 to ‘go live’ on July 2

I’m pleased to announce that the CARMA v3.0 database will soon be made available to the public at The new database will supplant the current data on the website on July 2nd, 2012. At that point, users will be able to easily browse the data using the site’s searching and sorting capabilities. Up until [...]

CARMA v3.0 beta database now available

An offline, beta version of the upcoming CARMA v3.0 database is now available to selected users. There is also a draft technical paper detailing the new methodology and data sources. If you would like to have access ahead of the public release on the CARMA website, please contact CARMA with a description of your intended [...]

CARMA Update Underway

After a three year hiatus, the CARMA global power plant emissions database is now undergoing a major upgrade. We are presently compiling a range of new datasets and revamping techniques for estimating the emissions and electricity production of the world’s power plants. For the time being, there will be no change to the data on [...]

Kevin Ummel

Kevin is the CARMA Project Manager and responsible for maintaining the database on a part-time basis. He holds a M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Manchester and a B.A. in Public Policy from Stanford University. He lives in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife, Sarah.