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Citation Policy

CARMA is all about making information available to the public. At the same time, we want to ensure that the data is afforded proper citation in print and web publication.┬áIf you use CARMA’s data in print, please cite it as:

Carbon Monitoring for Action (CARMA) Database (

When using CARMA’s data on the web, feel free to copy or download our logo and embed it with a link to CARMA’s homepage as below:

The suggested HTML code for the logo is: <a href=’’ title=’Go to CARMA’><img src=’’ /></a>

If you are using CARMA data in a research publication, please site both the original CARMA technical paper and the latest working paper describing CARMA v3.0 (both published by the Center for Global Development):

Ummel, K. 2012. CARMA revisited: an updated database of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants worldwide. Center for Global Development, Working Paper 304.

Wheeler, D. and Ummel, K. 2008. Calculating CARMA: global estimation of CO2 emissions from the power sector. Center for Global Development, Working Paper 145.