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The CARMA Team

Originally developed in 2007, the primary architects of the CARMA database are Kevin Ummel and David Wheeler  – with assistance provided by a dedicated team at the Center for Global Development. The website was created by the talented professionals at Forum One Communications, a web strategy and development firm that helps not-for-profit, foundation, government, and commercial organizations make an impact on important social issues.

CARMA Team Photo

All of us have helped make CARMA a reality, because we believe in the power of public information. Despite the clear danger posed by global warming, most governments remain deadlocked or unable to face this threat effectively. But as a global citizen, you have the power to help build a low-carbon future – as a community member, consumer, investor, worker, or manager. All you need to act is timely, accurate, publicly-available information about the choices you face. We think CARMA can help on that front.