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International coverage of CARMA 2.0 update

News of the CARMA 2.0 update appeared in US media and abroad, including in Taiwan and India. CGD Web and Media Assistant Ben Edwards collects a few excerpts in “CGD Coverage from the CARMA 2.0 Media Launch.”

CARMA 2.0 has arrived! Power sector still stuck on fossil fuel

CARMA 2.0 has arrived! And our analysis of the latest data shows that the world still has a long way to go on curbing emissions growth. Last week’s Washington Post feature on CARMA focuses on massive growth in Chinese emissions. Although pollution wasn’t big news once the Olympics started, this year China’s power sector will [...]

Just the Facts: On The State of NTPC’s CARMA

Recent weeks have seen the carbon footprint of the National Thermal Power Corporation – India’s largest power company – come under some scrutiny. A Times of India article in late July first noted NTPC’s global prominence in terms of CO2 emissions, drawing upon a now-outdated version of CGD’s CARMA database of global power sector emissions. [...]