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CARMA in Action: Interfaith Forum on Wise Country Power Plant

One role of CARMA is to provide information on plant and firm-level CO2 emissions to local activists trying to block new coal fired powerplants. I am involved in one such effort in Northern Virginia, where a group with the wonderful name Interfaith Power and Light (GWIPLE) is working to organize religious organizations to combat climate [...]

CARMA and CGD research in the wild

The Confronting Climate Change team at CGD is always interested to see what happens to our work once it leaves our desktops and joins the “marketplace of ideas,” fighting to make it to the top of a mountain of information on environmental issues. So we thought we’d quickly share two recent sightings from two very [...]

CARMA a Webby Award Official Honoree!

We’re pleased to announce that was selected as an Official Honoree of the 2008 Webby Awards. From over 10,000 entries, only 15% were selected as Official Honorees. We feel like we’re in pretty good company! Kudos and thanks to the CARMA Team at the Center for Global Development and Forum One Communications. And thanks to you, [...]

CARMA Needs Your Help

As reported in an earlier post, we are releasing a widget entitled “Improve Your CARMA” that allows users to submit information back to the CARMA site. We are all very proud of the data CARMA provides to users, but we believe that through a collective effort, our power plant data could become much richer. This [...]

Vulcan Project Reveals U.S. Carbon Emissions in New Detail

A team of scientists from Purdue, Colorado State, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have released the first version of Project Vulcan, including detailed maps of carbon emissions in the U.S. for the year 2002. To get an idea of what’s in this fantastic new source of data, check out the project’s YouTube video. One can imagine all [...]