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Improving CARMA Data

We’d like to think that CARMA has a pretty comprehensive database of plant emissions data. There were a lot of numbers to crunch, and we tried our best to present this data in the clearest possible way. What you see on this site is pretty much all the data we’ve been able to collect. With [...]

DNA for More API Mashups

I started writing this post thinking I’d find some other Environmental/Green-related API’s to mash up with CARMA’s data. At the moment, though, I couldn’t find many data sources that make available a comparable data set as openly as the CARMA API does. It’s disappointing, as this represents a barrier to creating really interesting applications. The bar [...]

Tata Ultra Mega Mistake: The IFC Should Not Get Burned by Coal

[This post originally appeared on the Center for Global Development’s "Views from the Center" blog.] During the last week of March, the Board of the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) will consider the proposed Tata Ultra Mega project, which will construct a huge (4,000 MW) coal-fired power plant at Mundra in India’s Gujarat [...]

Applied CARMA: Dominion Power, Fairfax Country, and Virginia’s Proposed Wise County Coal Plant

Although from the start, CARMA was intended in part to help empower local activists fighting for more climate-friendly energy policies in their own communities, I hadn’t expected to join their ranks. Things changed when I found out about plans for a massive coal-fired power plant that in a few years could be supplying my home [...]