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Mapping plants using the CARMA API

The API provides users with a way to download raw data from the CARMA database. This might sound interesting to a developer, but the casual surfer might not see why we’re so excited about this. Well, all this API data can be placed into other tools, and mixed with other (non-CARMA) data. It can be [...]

How to Use the PHP CARMA Client to Seamlessly Retrieve Data

At some point, working with any API involves making HTTP requests to retrieve data, followed by decoding that into a useful data structure for your own application. In the case of the CARMA API, there are five methods that can be called (getPlant, getCompany, searchPlants, searchCompanies,and searchLocations), and data can be returned as either JSON [...]

Confronting Coal: How to Use CARMA to Discover Proposed “Red Alerts”

In the race against rising greenhouse gas emissions, coal – the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive of fossil fuels – is being taken to task. Scores of environmental organizations have launched campaigns to shut existing coal plants and stop construction of new ones.


In the next several months, we’ll be rolling out several widgets that take full advantage of CARMA’s Application Programming Interface. A widget is a little chunk of code that people can place on their own blog or website. For example, this widget can grab RSS feeds. Some other widgets are more interactive, such as this [...]